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My obsession with Mali mudcloth began in the Souks of Marrakesh, Morocco last summer. While wandering the narrow streets and purposefully getting lost with my good friend Ceceilia, we discovered a sweet Malinese vendor selling loads of cool African artifacts. I was immediately drawn to the textiles and jewelry (of course) and we spent about an hour there, with gaping mouths and overstimulated senses. 

Mudcloth is traditional to Mali & is dyed using fermented mud. I am of course in love with the patterns and natural colors, but also the dyeing process itself. It's incredibly labor intensive. I found a super interesting Youtube video that gives insight into how the dyeing process works. (Be sure and click on 'settings' to turn on the English subtitles. ;)


I cannot wait to hopefully see this dyeing process in person one day and collect more of this incredible fabric! 

Thank you for reading! xo

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