A mutation is a change or alteration in form or in nature. Women experience transformation every day through the natural processes of life and the multiple realities we construct for ourselves. We transform in order to adapt, grow and better understand our own vulnerability. When we mutate, we transform from one state to another in a way of elevating the ordinariness of our humanity.

This collection of shells & pearls, objects of mutation, honor the perfectly imperfect and shine the spotlight on the mundane.

EMPRESS fills the ordinary with a sense of wonder. It embraces the tenderness and vulnerability we
share as women and acknowledges our transformative power. Created with an awareness of the fragility of
the temporal world, it is a profound celebration of the present, of life.

This necklace is a symbol of fruitfulness and grounding energy. Wear this powerful mother of pearl close to your heart to be reminded of your true potential.
Rhea Necklace

Reminiscent of a shell, an object of transformation and love, this ring is a powerful reminder of the ebb and flow of the natural world and our place in it. 

Coquille Ring

Inspired by divine femininity and her transformative powers, the Hera Necklace reminds us to embrace the present moment among the natural progression of life & change.

Hera Necklace