The Esperanza Collection was designed to inspire hope while connecting us with celestial symbols that for thousands of years have oriented and guided us.

Stars tell us of the infinite, the visionary, of something in ourselves that burns bright even in darkness.

Birds form a link between heaven and earth and are considered the world’s soul hidden in matter.

The moon swelling into fullness reveals the potential of change as a new cycle begins.

As we yearn to find light in the darkness, may these pieces carry the symbol of change and a hopeful future. 

The collection features a beautiful selection of African turquoise & moonstone along with our signature oxidized brass, sterling silver and gold-fill elements. 


Hope is the thing with feathers. That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all… - Emily Dickinson

For thousands of years stars have oriented the wanderer, sailor and pilgrim. Stars tell us of the infinite, the visionary, of something in ourselves that is starlike. We watch and wish on stars and stars stir us at the deepest levels. Find your compass while wearing the Morning Star Necklace. You might be surprised where it leads you.

Morning Star Necklace

Forming a link between heaven and earth, conscious and unconscious, the bird is almost universally seen as a symbol for the soul or anima, as the breath of the world or the world's soul hidden in matter. The dove specifically symbolizes the spirit of hope. The freedom of a bird in flight fascinates and inspires. May these Paloma Earrings do the same. 

Paloma Earrings

Like a compass for our cosmic wanderings, the Celestial Cuff is just what we need to navigate. Stare into the depths of the African turquoise/jasper stone and seek out your path. 

Celestial Cuff