Bayon Collection

The designs in the Bayon Collection were born out of a desire to represent the sacred & spiritual places of Cambodia and the Khmer people. Handcrafted using small brass beads and sterling silver wire, they radiate elegance and thoughtfulness. By digging through this collection, we hope you will find yourself enlightened, inspired and transformed by the interpretations of mythological places, carved stone temples and the natural Cambodian landscape.

Enjoy the journey. xx


Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia
Bayon Earrings
Angkor Necklace
Bayon Cuff
Meru Studs
Tonlé Necklace
Tonlé Earrings

Meditation Necklace
Temple & Meru Rings
Bas-relief carvings, Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia


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Warm Thank You's to: 
Sanetra Longno | Photography
Neenie Wang | Modeling



Bayon Collection