Zenú Collection

The Zenú Collection was inspired by the fascinating life of the Zenú indigenous tribe which thrived during the Pre-Colombian era in the valleys of present-day, central Colombia. The Zenú people lived on an inland delta that frequently flooded during the rainy season. They built an intricate system of channels that enabled them to control the flooding and make large areas practical for habitation and agriculture. During times of high water, the channels led the water to where crops were grown and when the water withdrew, the nutrient-rich sludge was used to enrich the land. This system of water management was used for about 1,300 years and influenced their art, culture and symbolic thinking.  

Because of this way of life, the Zenú imagined their universe as a great weave, a fabric on which all living things rested. Their textiles and gold-work reflected this belief. 

The Zenú Collection is an interpretation of this 'weave of life', reminding us that all living things are connected by an intricate thread, therefore pulling on one part inevitably affects us all.