Ojo Collection

The Ojo Collection inspires us to look toward the future with a fresh and positive perspective. Taking inspiration from amulets and talismans from around the world, we’ve built a collection that spans many continents. Eyes are a common symbol in talismans as they often represent protection and warding off evil. Our eyes are also considered our ‘windows to the soul,’ so we wanted to pay homage to these powerful and sacred tools and the truths they tell. Whether you need a bit of protection or simply want to keep those bright shiny eyes of yours open for new opportunities, we hope something in this collection can provide that for you. 
Each piece is handmade from start to finish in our east Austin studio.
Materials include, oxidized brass, sterling silver, translucent glass & sapphire gemstones.



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Warm Thank You's to: 
Kelly Martucci | Photography
Remi Manuel | Modeling