New Lanna Collection: Thai Adventure Meets Everyday

New Lanna Collection: Thai Adventure Meets Everyday

With the end of summer comes reflection on the idea of "getting back to real life" and out of a vacation mindset. Since each of my collections is inspired by a place I've traveled, sometimes I am lucky enough to go on a vacation and call it work. But when I come home, I design jewelry for the everyday. 

I went to Thailand to visit friends who were teaching there. We took scooters to the beach and stayed at a national park that happens to be an island. We rode a long-tail boat, snorkeled and camped in hammocks - didn't even have a tent, and woke up to the ocean. The next stop was a cave lodge and hostel in Chiang Mai. That triangle piece shown above came from a little shop nearby full of talismans and horns, pouches from indigenous tribes, silver with hammered floral patterns... 

When we get dressed in the morning, we should find ways to make it fun - dressing for such an adventure, even if it's just a regular day. 

That's the idea behind Lanna, my new collection. Lan Na Kingdom covered much of Northern Thailand in the 13th-18th centuries. It surrounds what is now Chiang Mai, a diverse and hip metropolis similar in some ways to our hometown of Austin. It feels international and full of European backpackers, yet small-town enough to be cozy and walkable. Think open-air night bazaars, awesome cheap trailer food and artsy boutiques. 

It's not the point to borrow exactly what I'd see there, but I took a viewpoint opened up by the experience. Thailand is known as the "Land of Smiles," and maybe you noticed the gold-plated "U"-like shapes present in several of the Lanna pieces. :) The happy lines, colors and charms represent the love radiating from this foreign yet homey place. 

Likewise, I hope you'll agree the jewelry is special, with enough ease to fit in your day-to-day and bring a bit of those vacation vibes with you everywhere this Fall. 

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