New Rift Collection: Ethiopian Inspired Adornment

New Rift Collection: Ethiopian Inspired Adornment

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Inspiration comes in many forms. For my creative work, inspiration takes the form of experience spend abroad, exploring the textures, energy and landscapes of far away places. The new Rift Collection is inspired by my recent travels through Ethiopia; a beautiful, authentic and spiritually inspiring country. 

Read below for the story behind the collection and be sure to hop over to my website to shop these beautiful handmade jewels and read their respective inspirational stories.       xo Claire


The Great Rift Valley is a geological trench that runs north to south from Northern Syria through East Africa. In Africa, the terrain along the trench varies from salt flats below sea-level to snow capped mountains towering into the clouds. It is said to be one of the most significant formations on the planet that is visible from space.

As the Great Rift Valley cuts through the heart of Ethiopia, the namesake of the collection, Rift, seems incredibly fitting. Rift also means a fissure, fracture or crack in something. As this collection came together, many memories from our travels in Ethiopia were characterized by ‘rifts’; the difficulty of travel, the poverty, the environmental degradation. However difficult those cracks were to digest, they happened to be the very source of the beauty, authenticity, and magic of the country.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

-Leonard Cohen

From the daily coffee ceremonies and the call to prayer echoing from impressive monolithic rock-hewn churches to the otherworldly geological formations and monkeys huddled together on mountainsides, Ethiopia was one of the most authentic and spiritually inspiring places I have visited. This collection serves to honor and express Ethiopia’s beauty.

As you navigate these designs, I hope you can find something that radiates with you, whether it be a texture, a shape, or a story. Enjoy.

Claire Sommers Buck Jewelry

Claire Sommers Buck JewelryClaire Sommers Buck Jewelry

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