Our New Website + Handmade Jewelry Blog Is Here: What’s New, What’s Not

Our New Website + Handmade Jewelry Blog Is Here: What’s New, What’s Not

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the new clairesommersbuck.com. I launched this handmade jewelry company in 2010, and we have grown a ton - enough to bring you this new website and blog, which I believe gives you a better experience as our customer. But a lot more has stayed the same.

Authenticity has become a buzzword recently, but it’s always been in our DNA around here. It means that I reply to customer emails personally. It means that I actually touch every facet of the business, from packing wholesale orders to the redesign of this very website. Above all, it means every piece of jewelry you buy here was made with human hands here in Austin, using traditional metalworking tools and techniques.

We honor the cultures, histories and crafts that inspire us by keeping it real and paying homage in our product and content. Look for new blog posts about my travels that directly led me to design and create your favorite CSB collections. Get it delivered to you soon by signing up here

We continue to admire fellow makers of handmade products and the boutique owners who introduce them to you. That’s why our new blog has a focus on profiles of these fascinating players, where we dig to find the real story and share their inspiring worlds with you. It also drives visibility to great local businesses worth supporting.

One of the most important things that’s stayed consistent is the lifestyle we encourage: It’s about hard work, but taking the time you want and need to recharge. We want our customers to feel empowered moving through life, and one way to do that is to know yourself and your style. It’s what I want for myself, too! Our definition of style goes beyond the jewelry you rock, it’s also how you like to own your time and relax or play.

At CSB, we are a lot more interested in enjoying life than in working around the clock to accelerate this business with a big focus on revenue. As you know, that is not common or best practice for a young company.

But we truly aren’t interested in trying to grow to a point where I can no longer retain that authenticity and that quality of life that I believe is why anyone would want to buy our jewelry in the first place. 

As my customer and friend, that means you can count on consistency in the quality of materials and craftsmanship that keeps our product lasting longer than most. You can also feel OK about leaving a little earlier on Friday afternoon to hit up Barton Springs with a book. You will look great doing it, and I’ll probably see you there. :)


Claire Sommers Buck

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Thank you for the great blog ideas! http://www.unitedgemco.com/

United Gemco

Hi, Claire! Congrats on the new website & blog. Love your jewelry & love you! You are right. No one ever wrote on a gravestone" He or she should have spent more time at work." Balance is always the key. Thanks for reminding us.

Amy CLift

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