Renegade Craft Fair Austin

Join in the fun this weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair!

It's that time of the year again for one of the BEST handmade markets around, the Renegade Craft Fair! I have had the pleasure of participating in several of these fairs and just love the energy & creativity that each participant brings. A good friend of mine, Gopi Shah puts together a list of her favorite Renegade makers each time she does these shows (they have them all over the country) and I just love her shout outs so much that I have decided to give some love to the great people I met last fall at Renegade. Stay tuned for a list of folks I am destined to meet this weekend too and if you can, come out and see for yourself! It's going to be a rockin' time! 


1. Meredith Piper Art. I traded for one of these lovely textile 'paintings' last fall when I met Meredith and couldn't be more happy with how it fits in my studio! Be sure and check out more of her awesome textiles & original paintings. They have a pastel quality that is soothing to the soul...

Instagram: @meredithpiperart


2. Forest Things: Kelly, the owner, and I met at the Spring Renegade in Austin last year and I went home with some wonderful aromatic solid perfumes that fit my non-perfume wearing needs to the T. It can be so challenging to find beauty care products that are well made and aren't chock full of chemicals. Let me allow Forest Things to tell you about their little humble company: 

"We make from wild plants. Simple. Scouting woods, creeks, mountains, and fields to find beloved wild herbs that are good for our skin. We take the freshly picked wild plants and infuse them into organic oils before pouring into balms and skin salves. We are not just a "beauty products" company. We are for artists, carpenters, entrepreneurs, designers, gardeners, nurses, potters, chefs, parents; we are for you. We make skin care from untamable plants for your untamable need to make, do, invent, and create."
Instagram: @forestthings



3. Gopi Shah Ceramics: Gopi and I used to be neighbors at Pump Project until she left for the land of SF and is killing it with her gorgeous ceramics. Check out a tour of her studio HERE and her super rad collaboration with P.F. Candle Co. The match strikers she creates make the perfect gift! Give Gopi some love folks! 

Instagram: @gopishahceramics


4. Nade Studio: Maggie and I immediately bonded over our love for Imogene + Willie handcrafted jeans (more on my love for denim another time) and it didn't take long for me to fall head over heels for her clothing. She just rolled out her new Spring Collection and the colors have me daydreaming about frolicking in desert galaxies. Her unique one-of-a-kind silk prints are so stunning. I've got my eye on this gal, she has created a very special brand. I look forward to what she lovingly creates next! 

Instagram: @nadestudio
5. Flag Mountain Jewelry: My dear sweet Penland friend and the creative babe behind Flag Mountain Jewelry, Angela Eastman will be joining me this weekend selling her lovely woven jewelry. I am so excited to sling jewels together with this awesome gal. Check out her inspiring work on her jewelry website and her incredible sculptural work as well. Come by and see us if you can! 

instagram: @angelaeastman


Well, we hope to see some of you out and about at Renegade this coming weekend! Don't forget that if you mention any of my posts, be it on the blog, instagram or email, you will receive 15% off your purchase with CSB Jewelry!

Much love & thank you for reading!


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