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Inspirational Textiles | Mali Mudcloth

My obsession with Mali mudcloth began in the Souks of Marrakesh, Morocco last summer. While wandering the narrow streets and purposefully getting lost with my good friend Ceceilia, we discovered a sweet Malinese vendor selling loads of cool African artifacts. I was immediately drawn to the textiles and jewelry (of course) and we spent about an hour there, with gaping mouths and overstimulated senses.  Mudcloth is traditional to Mali & is dyed using fermented mud. I am of course in love with the patterns and natural colors, but also the dyeing process itself. It's incredibly labor intensive. I found a super interesting Youtube video that gives insight into how the dyeing process works. (Be sure and click on 'settings' to turn...

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Top Picks from Renegade Austin | Spring 2016

We just wanted to share with you a few of our favorite makers from this past Renegade Craft Fair here in Austin. We had an absolute blast meeting new folks and reconnecting with others over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out to shop & for those of you that we met at the fair. We so enjoyed the fantastic energy you bring to our industry of makers. You guys and gals are the bees knees. Keep up the good work!  We hope to see you again in November for the next Renegade Craft Fair! xo   

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Renegade Craft Fair Austin

Join in the fun this weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair! It's that time of the year again for one of the BEST handmade markets around, the Renegade Craft Fair! I have had the pleasure of participating in several of these fairs and just love the energy & creativity that each participant brings. A good friend of mine, Gopi Shah puts together a list of her favorite Renegade makers each time she does these shows (they have them all over the country) and I just love her shout outs so much that I have decided to give some love to the great people I met last fall at Renegade. Stay tuned for a list of folks I am destined to...

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