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Paloma Earrings

Paloma Earrings

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Forming a link between heaven and earth, conscious and unconscious, the bird is almost universally seen as a symbol for the soul or anima, as the breath of the world or the world's soul hidden in matter. The dove specifically symbolizes the spirit of hope. The freedom of a bird in flight fascinates and inspires. May these Paloma Earrings do the same. 

  • Oxidized brass, sterling silver and African turquoise
  • Sterling silver ear posts & nuts
  • Back of earring that touches the earlobe is sterling silver
  • ~¾’ wide x 1 ⅛” long
  • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX

**Please note, because these are made with natural African turquoise, the color and variations of pattern will vary from the image pictured

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