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Akh Earrings

Akh Earrings

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In Egyptian religion, the soul is believed to be made up of nine separate parts which each play their own role in forming an individual. The Akh was considered the ‘enlightened spirit’ and was the magical union between the ka and ba, principal parts of the soul, body & mind. Often the Akh was associated with light, the changed spirit of a person that becomes one with light after death. These beautifully hand-crafted hoop charm earrings are lightweight, unique and feature kyanite crystals, known to be a spirit guide.

    • 14k gold-fill, oxidized brass, sterling silver & kyanite crystals
    • Sterling silver ear posts & nuts
    • Total length ~ 1.75"
    • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX

    *Please note, because these earrings are made with natural kyanite crystals, the color and size of each pair will vary from the image pictured.

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