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Alma Ring

Alma Ring

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As namesake for the collection, the Alma Ring is a fantastically unique, powerful and elegant ring. Featuring a beautiful nephrite jade cabochon & our signature Nopal bronze stack, this ring makes us giddy around here! 

  • Comfortable low-profile ring
  • Designed & completely handmade in Austin, TX
  • Slightly adjustable open design
  • Wyoming Jade cabochon 
  • Sterling silver half-round ring band


"I wear this ring every day. It’s my beautiful staple that has become it’s own ritual of sorts. I love the practice of picking up the same rings every morning and placing them on the same fingers as the day before. It has the same effect on me as my daily journaling practice, or making a cup of coffee to start the day. It’s also the piece that receives the most compliments. People are drawn to the stone and the unique design." -Ashlee Newman

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