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Eshe Cuff

Eshe Cuff

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Eshe is a Ethiopian girls name meaning “life”. This simple, textured brass cuff is created by hammering a flat sheet of brass into a wooden forming block. The result is a textured domed cuff full of life. Wear alone or stacked with your favorite bracelets.

  • Materials include oxidized brass
  • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX
  • Cuff measures .5” wide
  • Small- 5.5" cuff length, Medium- 6" cuff length


"The Eshe Cuff is a simple piece that makes a surprisingly big impact. I wear mine flipped so the opening faces up on the top of my wrist, framing my watch. It looks so elegant and chic in photos and real life! Its rounded lines make this the most comfortable, wearable cuff. The texture is special because every hammering and etching was put there by hand. Love it!"

-Rachel Greenfield Davis

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