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Jebena Necklace

Jebena Necklace

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The Jebena Necklace gets its name from the lovely fluted coffee pot used in traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. Coffee is an integral part of Ethiopian culture and the coffee ceremony is considered to be the most important of social occasions. It is not only considered to be a sign of respect and friendship to be invited to one of these ceremonies, but drinking the coffee is also considered to be a spiritual journey.

The Jebena Necklace features a beautifully textured brass fluted collar that slides freely on a sterling silver chain. Necklace comes in both 16” and 18” chain lengths.  

  • Materials include oxidized brass & sterling silver
  • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX
  • Sterling silver cable chain
  • Half moon piece measures approximately .5” long x 3” wide
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