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Morning Star Ring

Morning Star Ring

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The symbol of the Morning Star holds significance across a wide range of cultures and beliefs. Most commonly, it represents new beginnings, hope and guidance. For thousands of years stars have oriented the wanderer, sailor and pilgrim. Stars tell us of the infinite, the visionary, of something in ourselves that is starlike. We watch and wish on stars and stars stir us at the deepest levels. Staring at stars in a dark and infinite sky is equally grounding and humbling. Find your compass while wearing the Morning Star Necklace. You might be surprised where it leads you. 

  • Oxidized brass, sterling silver and African Turquoise
  • Oxidized sterling silver ring band
  • ~¾” wide x ¾” long
  • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX

**Please note, because these are made with natural African turquoise, the color and variations of pattern will vary from the image pictured.

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