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Sacred Roots Earrings

Sacred Roots Earrings

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Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting ‘Roots’, these beautiful jade earrings are a bold reminder that all life is connected. Kahlo endured many physical ailments in her life and she painted her reality openly and honestly. Our roots and experiences as humans are as varied as stars in the universe. Embracing what makes you YOU and staying true to yourself leads us down a path of beautiful connection and harmony with all of life. 


“There isn’t enough time, there isn’t enough nothing. There is only reality. What once was is long gone! What remains are the transparent roots appearing transformed into an eternal fruit tree. Your fruits already give scent, your flowers give color blooming in the joy of wind and flower.”

–Frida Kahlo

  • Oxidized brass & sterling silver
  • Jade gemstone beads
  • Sterling silver ear posts & nuts
  • Entire back of earring is sterling silver
  • ~ 2 ½” long x 1” wide
  • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX
  • Modeled by Sierra Romero- read here story here.

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