handmade jewelry austin tx
handmade jewelry austin tx
handmade jewelry austin tx

Zenú Necklace

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The Zenú Necklace was inspired by the fascinating life of the Zenú indigenous tribe which lived during the Pre-Colombian era (200 BCE- 1600 BCE). 

For the Zenú, they imagined their universe as a great weave, a fabric on which all living things rested. Their textiles and gold-work reflected this belief. 

The Zenú Necklace is an interpretation of this 'weave of life', reminding us that all living things are connected by an intricate thread, therefore pulling on one part inevitable affects everything else. 

  • Oxidized brass & 14k gold-fill
  • 29” oxidized sterling silver chain
  • Brass bead detail on chain
  • Pendant measures 1.5” x 1.5”
  • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX